Julian Wright's Saturday Afternoon at Ubben

Julian Wright's visit to Illinois included a scrimmage with the Fighting Illini basketball team that was open to the public on Saturday afternoon. Numerous different IlliniBoarders were in attendance, and after returning from the scrimmage came back and left their thoughts on the scrimmage on the IlliniBoard.com Hoops Fan Forum. <br><br> Read some of the thoughts from IlliniBoarders in this collection of IlliniBoard message board posts from IlliniBoard.com.

Julian Wright's official visit to Illinois was capped off fan wise with an open scrimmage at the Ubben Basketball Practice facility. The Ubben has seen numerous scrimmages in its days, but this was the first prominent scrimmage of the 2004-2005 basketball season and it contained the most important Illinois basketball recruit in the Class of 2005, Julian Wright.

Numerous members of the IlliniBoard community were in attendance at the scrimmage, and they provided their reports on the message boards. They were impressed not only with Julian Wright, but the current players on the Illinois roster, especially junior point guard Deron Williams. I will try to save all of you the time and effort of finding every initial post on the message boards involving the scrimmage, by highlighting the posts here. To read more from each post, just click on the link below the highlighted section, and the post and all its replies will be available to you.

IlliniBoard.com Poster ClintonIllinois
Ubben: The Deron and Julian Show

Julian Wright definitely deserves to be called one of the top five high school players in the nation. He's extremely athletic. You could tell he got tired fairly soon by the look of his shot. He was aggressive down low throughout the scrimmage and had a few quality blocks. Deron didn't like the first block Julian had on him, and called a foul (that got some laughs). On a 1 to 10 scale, Luther's athletic ability is a 7, Calvin's is a 10+. Archibald definitely showed that he's superior to the big men we have right now. Arch made great passes down low and was on for awhile.

As usual the crowd pleasing dunks came from Randle, Head, Brock, and Williams. Wright had a few breakaways that were ended with amazing dunks. Deron was getting a little frustrated with the big men on his team, yelling at Pruitt to stop dribbling. Deron is gone after this year...nothing is gonna stop that kid. He just makes the game look too easy. I liked seeing Randle mix it up downlow with Arch, Arnold, and Aug, outrebounding them a few times.

A few of the Krush guys were saying that this scrimmage wasn't as loud or exciting as Livingston's. Dee was sitting next to Julian's Mom. The cheers for J Wright's parents were pretty funny. So pretty much it was the Deron and Julian show today with a few amazing dunks and plays from the other guys.

IlliniBoard.com Poster bshopsal
Ubben report .... very long. Hope you enjoy

It was a good day at Ubben. I will try and give a brief summary of everyone and I am sure I will have rehashed some things posted by others.

We will start with JW. What a talent. He is very versatile. He can handle the ball, drive the lane, post up, play D, and block shots. A tear came to my eye as I envisioned him in Weber's motion offense. Seriously though, it would be a perfect match for his ability to score in so many different ways. People have said he can't shoot. He shot very well today until he got tired but I could see his shot being inconsistent as the mechanics on his shot are kind of odd. He also seems like a very quite and humble kid. At times he seemed almost uncomfortable with all the attention but he definitely wasn't intimidated playing. He would be a great fit for this team.

And now the other players.

The guards:

Dee - didn't play but sat next to Julian's family and I'm sure he was doing some selling to them.

Deron - absolute stud. Did whatever he wanted. Say good-bye to him after this year.

IlliniBoard.com Poster Cool Hand Luke
Belated Ubben observations...

(1) Deron Williams is damn near unguardable (is that a word?). Wow! Deron had the look of a guy who is the best player out on the court and he knows he's the best player out on the court. I could sit here and type all kinds of fancy descriptions of why he was so good, but it wouldn't accurately describe what went on today.

Let's just say 3 years is all we're going to see out of Deron Williams and we should feel lucky we got that many out of him. The dude just flat out knows how to play basketball.

(2) Calvin Brock impressed the hell out of me today. He started off very rusty; he must have missed his first 8 shots and they were every kind of shot imaginable...layup...short jumper...3 pointer. You name it, he missed it. I think a lot of that is due to nerves, I really do.

These were just some of the observations by the members of the IlliniBoard.com Community who were lucky enough to be in attendance at the scrimmage. IlliniBoard.com would like to thank its members for providing great recaps to those people who were unable to attend the scrimmage.

After talking to various people that were in attendance at the scrimmage, and other sources in Champaign, IlliniBoard.com has a few miscellaneous rumblings and grumblings surrounding the visit to Champaign.
  • Distance and proximity to home could play a huge factor in the recruitment of Julian Wright, so that gives an advantage to both in state schools, DePaul and Illinois. It is not known how much of an impact this could play, but it is known that Julian's mom would love to be able to see him play in college, and that is much easier when the vast majority of games are played in either Champaign or Chicago.
  • The one fatal flaw in Julian's game is still his jump shot. Sure, he was making a few jump shots early in the scrimmages, but his form is still very raw and needs to be worked on. He was seen pushing the ball towards the basket, instead of shooting it, but that is something that can easily be changed through individual workouts with the coaching staff and focused practices.
  • It has been said that Illinois should know where it stands in the recruitment of Julian Wright by the time he leaves campus. Basically, it will be interesting to see how the Illini coaching staff works out the visit schedules in the future because if the Illini coaching staff starts to lineup visits from other wing forwards, and they become public, it might be a sign as to where they believe they stand in this recruitment.
  • Calvin Brock's jump shot has already seen an improvement in form since the high school season last year, but it still has quite a ways to go. Now, instead of shooting the ball lower on his body where it will be very easily blocked in the college game, he is started his jump shot from his right ear. He should be continuing to work on improving the release point of his jump shot, and it will be interesting to see how far he comes.
  • Dee Brown did not play at all during the scrimmage. His task was sitting next to Julian Wright's mom, and talking her ear off about Illinois and what was happening during the scrimmage in terms of the Illinois offensive systems and how Julian would fit in. I am sure there was never one of those awkward silent moments in the conversation.

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