Illini's Morris Virgil Meets the Press

<p>Morris Virgil made the change from the backfield to the defensive side of the ball this year. Today in Champaign, Illinois Virgil met the press and told us how the change came about. Read here for the rest of the story.

Virgil is a 5-10 DB from Urbana, Illinois. He came to Illinois with high hopes of being a running back. "One of the main reasons I came to Illinois was because coach Ron Turner told me I could play running back when most schools wanted me to play defense but now that has changed."

It came as a surprise to most when Turner made the announcement that there would be changes. "Coach Turner came to me and asked if I would do this because he felt I could take the job and keep it, and also it would be best for the team," said Virgil. Today Virgil was full of confidence with his abilities because he knows the type of athlete he can be. According to Turner, Saturday's game against Florida A & M will present a challenge because they are very fast, athletic and they have a veteran QB who is 24 years of age, Ben Dougherty. But Virgil loves the four-receiver challenge. "I think I'm faster than anyone they have on offense, so I can't wait. I have studied a lot of game film on them."

For those who don't know, Virgil has had a tough life; but according to Turner today, he's done very well with the chances he's been given. "He's truly a great kid and he's great in the community. He's had to overcome a lot of adversity," said Turner.

Virgil also expects to see a different attitude on defense this year. "During the off season a lot of us got together and worked really hard at it."

Some good news for Illini fans - Virgil plans to graduate but come back for a 5th year of Illini football.

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