Texas Guard will visit Illinois

Austin Jackson, the 6-2 guard from Denton, Texas, took time out to speak with me last night about his visit to Champaign next weekend. Read here for the story.

With the great year Dee Brown and Deron Williams had last year one can only wonder how long they will be wearing orange and blue after this season. Head coach Bruce Weber is being proactive and going after four star recruits. The Insiders.com lists Jackson as the 10th best in his position.

Jackson is listed as a PG and SG, but according to him he's more of a PG than anything. "I love to play an open court game and when I get the chance to make the extra pass I will. That is probably my strength," said Jackson.

"Right now I have a list of three schools: Illinois, G- Tech and Oklahoma. I plan to visit them all, but right now no one leads," stated Jackson. So many times it's easy to get caught up in players and their skills we forget about the classroom. Not in the Jackson household. "I have the required test score, but my mother would like for me to take it again so I can score higher." "So what do you plan to major in during your time in college?" I asked the star PG. "I definitely plan to major in engineering," answered Jackson.

This recruiting process will not go on for long. "When I get back from all three visits I will sit down with my parents and see which schools they like and I will tell them what I liked most and then make a decision soon after that."

"Coach Weber and Jay Price have been recruiting me for well over a year and I like what they have to say. I try to watch them on TV from time to time but most of it was during the NCAA tournament," added Jackson.

When Jackson comes to Champaign this weekend he will be familiar with one player - PG Deron Williams. "When I was a freshman I got the chance to play against him," said Jackson, but with a laugh declined to tell me how things went.

All in all Jackson said he will be looking for that something special before he picks a college and this weekend is the start.

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