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Ron Turner made his weekly appearance on The Score's Boers & Bernstein Tuesday morning at 11:45 and Brumby actually remembered to hit the record button on his radio, so he transcribed the interview when he got home on Tuesday night. <br><Br> Among the topics he discussed were the UCLA game and the status of Illinois starting quarterback Jon Beutjer. <br><br>

Dan Bernstein: Hi Ron.

Turner: Hi, how are you guys doing?

Terry Boers: We're doing well. How are you?

Turner: I'm good.

Boers: And Jon Beutjer, how's he?

Turner: Ahhh .... sore. He's better today than he was yesterday and he's was better yesterday than he was Sunday. He's gonna practice today limited. What that means I'm not sure. It is going to depend on what he feels and how much he can do today. We're still ... It's kind of day to day.

Bernstein: Now, he has a bruised sternum?

Turner: He has a bruised sternum. What happened was it was really more than a bruise. When they hit him and he fell. It was kind of like he landed on his right shoulder, and the ribs and everything got squashed, got congested. So, there's no torn muscle. They were kind of afraid that the cartilage or the muscles would be torn off the rib, or that he would have a cracked rib. He doesn't have any of that; it's just a matter of everything kind of getting compressed. You know, it made the back and the chest awfully sore. So it's just a matter of how quickly that heals.

Boers: So are you game planning with him or without him for the Western Michigan game? Or is it too early one way or the other?

Turner: It's too early. We'll handle playing for both, for him being there, and for him not being there. I honestly don't know yet. I just talked to our trainer about a half hour ago. He met with him. Jon saw the doctor again this morning, and they don't know. I mean like I said, he's going to go out today and see what he can do. You know, just do some light throwing to see how much he can throw and see where he is. Like I said, day to day. He could wake up tomorrow and feel a lot better, or after doing a little bit of exercise today he could wake up and feel a lot worse. They haven't seen a whole lot of these, so they just really don't know.

Bernstein: What more do you know about your team after the UCLA game than you did before?

Turner: Well, I know that I still believe we have a chance to be a good football team. We've got to cut down on the mistakes. If you play a team like UCLA, who's a lot better than what people thought after their loss to Oklahoma State when they turned the ball over, that's why they lost the game. We lost it because we made mistakes. We had a punt blocked. We had a field goal blocked and we turned the ball over three times. Other than that, stat wise we moved the ball, they moved the ball. It was basically a matter of who was going to make mistakes, and they made one. They turned it over one time, and then we fumbled it right back to them. We did not take advantage of that opportunity, or a lot of other opportunities.

I think defensively, we're gonna be a good team. We're still young. We're still learning this defense, and what we're supposed to do. We have some new guys over there that are gonna be real good players that made some mistakes that hurt us. They get a 40 yard touchdown run because we bust, and its not necessarily a bust, we just took a poor angle and didn't have the proper fit. That should have been a four yard gain if we had a guy that was sitting right where he should be. So you know, those are the kind of things that on a positive note that I know we can get a lot better at. By doing those things I know we'll tackle a lot better, which is still a problem that we are working on.

Boers: Let me ask you this, as I just want to play amateur psychiatrist here, and I guess I do it every day, Ron. And I know I could use one myself.

Turner: I know you guys do.

Boers: Yeah, I know. I think more than the physical part of it and the young guys and so forth and so on. It strikes me, and you can tell me if I am wrong, the psyche of this team because of the way things have gone lately seems, and Illinois hasn't played a lot yet, it just seems fragile. There were a couple calls early in that game on Saturday and I watched the game and then I went and stuffed my head in the oven. At any rate I'm watching this and just thinking, "This is something that some teams could say, 'Okay, I just got a bad deal, a raw deal on this, but they'll come back.'" I just don't know if your guys, just the way things have gone are capable of that. Do you know what I mean?

Turner: I know exactly what you mean. That is an area of concern a little bit. I believe we'll overcome that. I believe we'll fight through adversity and anything that hits us because of the attitude of the team, because of the character of this team, and the guys that we have. I really do. I think these guys will be able to keep going and keep pushing and keep battling. When things happen, yeah there's no question that when you look at it, there will be people wondering, 'oh here we go again' or whatever. I think with the makeup of this team that we'll fight through that stuff.

Boers: Yeah, it was a bad spot. We are talking about the first drive down there where you got a bad spot. I'm just thinking, it's just something in the back of my mind Ron that this is trouble, right away. I don't know why I'm thinking that, but it seems to me. And there were other troubles as the day developed, but it just seemed to me like 'Uh oh!'

Turner: Yeah, I would agree to a certain extent. I know the things that we've got to learn to overcome. And like I said, I think we will. I really do. I've got a lot of confidence that we will and I've got a lot of confidence that as we go we're going to get better and better.

Bernstein: Alright Ron Saturday, Western Michigan, a 1:00 start a game you'll here right here on WSCR The Score. Ron Turner thank you. Good luck alright?

Turner: Thank you guys.

Bernstein: That's Ron Turner Head Coach of the Fighting Illini right here on the Score.

Ron Turner appears every Tuesday morning with Boers & Bernstein on the Score, AM 670 Chicago.

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