Purdue's Joe Tiller on the Illini

<p>The Illini set to play the Purdue Boilermakers today at Memorial Stadium. The Boilermakers come in with a 2-0 record and ranked 15th in both polls. The Illini are coming off a win against Western Michigan 30-27. Read here for Tiller's take on the Illini.

During a recent press conference Joe Tiller was asked his biggest concerns playing Illinois, Tiller said, "we are playing a Illinois team with a very explosive offense and kicking game, right now those two are our biggest fears. Illinois likes to stretch the ball down field, that's been a strong point for them since Ron Turner has been there and they have the athletes to go and get the ball, so we know they will throw the ball deep."

"This will be our first road game and right now we are taking on a Illini team playing with a lot of confidence after their win over Western Michigan." Tiller said.

Coach Tiller feels the time is right to take his team on the road. "We need to go on the road," he said. "It's always different on the road than it is at home, until a team has been through it once, you never really know how a team is going to react. Last year with such a veteran team, I had a pretty good idea how we would react, we're a lot younger this year." Said Tiller

The Illini defense will be tested today; Purdue has beaten Syracuse 51-0 and followed that win beating Ball State 59-7 in impressive fashion. The reason they are playing so well is do to QB Kyle Orton; in two games the Boilermakers have pilled up 1,170 yards of offense. "We're just clicking right now on offense and making some big plays," stated Orton.

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