Ron Turner Discusses the Illinois Loss to Purdue

<p>Read here for game quotes from today's game against Purdue - QB Jon Beujter and Head Coach Ron Turner.

*Quotes from Senior QB Jon Beujter:

We didn't do a great job on third downs today.

Offensively we knew we could move the ball on them.

No one gave us a chance outside our team we played hard today.

We knew they didn't do a good job of stopping the run, but you have to give credit to our O-line they did a good job today.

Field position is huge in football; today the guys did a great job of getting good field positions.

If we do our jobs and trust our techniques we will always have a chance to win football games here.

We are frustrated; guys have been staying here in the film room until 10:00 at night working to get better. This team will not give up.

There is no moral victory, a loss is a loss, we just have to keep working harder and good things will happen.

*Quotes from Head Coach: Ron Turner:

We will be a good football team, I told they guys that coming into the season and I still believe that.

We came in here to win, it hurts but next week we'll look at a few things and make improvements.

The game couldn't have started worse, we worked on that play all spring, and we told the guys if we got the ball in the middle of the field we would run it. We practiced that all camp and all week and not one time did we turn it over.

If you're asking me would I have taken a knee, it's not my team but hell yes I would have taken a knee.

We did some good things defensively we tackled better today.

WR Ade Adeyemo will be out six to eight weeks

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