Basketball Only for Talented Football Prospect?

<p>Dale McDuffie conducted a Question and Answer Session with hugely talented football prospect Charles Jackson. Is Jackson going to go hardwood or gridiron?

Dale McDuffie - Charles, how is your season going?

Charles Jackson - It's going good, and I am enjoying my senior season.

DM - Have you basically rules out football at the college level?

CJ - Yes, I really want to play basketball at college and the schools that are recruiting me for football want me on the line and that isn't something I can do and play basketball. Several schools I was considering wanted me to take a football scholarship and walk on to the basketball program, and I do not want to do that at this time.

DM - Have your favorites changed any?

CJ - Yes sir, they have. My top two are Illinois and Ohio State. They are recruiting me for basketball only. My real love is basketball. I will hopefully either make unofficial visits to both or set up official visits in 2 or 3 weeks.

DM - How do you stand on the state schools, Georgia Tech and Georgia?

CJ - Well, if I had to play football, it would be UGA. I'd love to play basketball at Georgia Tech.

DM - When we spoke last, you Lewis Clinch and Korvotney Barber were hoping for a package deal. Is that something that you three still want?

CJ - Ideally we would but we understand that the schools each of us are looking at can't take us all, so it's a situation that we would like to happen but we understand that things sometimes do not work out. Lewis really fell in love with Georgia Tech and Coach Hewitt and that's not hard to understand. I like Coach Hewitt a lot and would love to play for him, but I understand that he has some scholarships in the works for players at my position and that's cool. I think Vot is looking hard at Auburn, so we might all three end up at different schools.

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