Scheyer: So Many Choices

First, the speculation had Jonathan Scheyer going to Duke. Now, he's headed to Cal. Check out the latest.

But according to all parties close to Jon Scheyer, including himself, he's wide-open and has no idea where he's going to college – at least not quite yet.

``Every school's equal right now," said the versatile Scheyer. "Now that the college coaches aren't coming in any more, I'm going to try and narrow it down a little bit. I'm hoping to get it down to five before the start of the season, but if it's six, so be it."

``There's no frontrunner," added Scheyer's father, Jim, a former standout professional racquetball player. "There's no imminent decision, either. We're just going through the process and trying to sort things out."

The 6-5, 170-pound Glenbrook North High (Ill.) junior has a list of 10 schools right now, which reads Illinois, Duke, Michigan State, Arizona, Kansas, Cal, North Carolina, Wisconsin, UCLA and Notre Dame.

Scheyer, who averaged 15 points during his sophomore campaign, is coming off an impressive unofficial visit to the Bay Area a couple weeks ago, where he got a chance to spend some time with Ben Braun and the staff – and also had an opportunity to get embarrassed.

``We were at the football game and there's a separate PA announcer for the student section," Scheyer said. "He announced me and brought me up in front of the whole section and they started chanting my name."

Cal is one of the many schools on his list that Scheyer has already seen. Of the 10 schools, the only ones he hasn't been to are North Carolina, UCLA and Notre Dame.

There are plenty of subplots within the Scheyer recruitment that can be – and probably will be - read into. The most obvious is the brotherly connection between Scheyer's high school coach, Dave Weber, and Illinois head man Bruce Weber.

How about the fact that Dave Weber also played in college with UCLA coach Ben Howland or that Jim Scheyer was a high school classmate of Braun's. Or that Duke assistant coach Chris Collins' alma mater happens to be Glenbrook North. Or even that the elder Scheyer works in Madison, Wis.

``The beauty and reality of the situation is that Jonathan is independent," Jim Scheyer added. "He'll choose what's right for him. It's amazing the ridiculous choices that he's faced with. We're very proud of him because he's worked very hard to put himself in this situation."

A recent Internet report had Illinois Warriors head coach Larry Butler quoted as saying that Cal was the leader and that Duke, which at one time was thought to be in front, and Illinois have both fallen off. Butler said he was misquoted in the story and that none of it was true.

``Duke has definitely made Jonathan a priority and just because they are recruiting a Lithuanian (Martynas Pocius), that doesn't mean he's not a priority," Butler said. "Illinois, as well as Cal, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin and the other schools on his list, have worked really hard and Jonathan is wide open."

Some have speculated that Duke has fell out of favor with Scheyer, partially because of Pocius, and also because of the abundance of high-level talent constantly rolling through the Blue Devils program.

``I'm not afraid of going to school with great players," Scheyer said. "In fact, I'd rather go to school with great players. There are more positives than negatives about that because I want to win. I'm not worried about competing. I know I have to compete for a job anywhere I go."

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