View from the West Balcony

It's a Sunday afternoon, I have football on the television, and I am just not happy. This Bears and Illini fans has watched two games in the last two days in which his team just looked laughable. Jonathon Quinn or Craig Krenzel? Yep it doesn't matter. Brad Bower, Chris Pazan, or Tim Brasic? Yep, it still doesn't matter. These are the questions that are going through my head when I look at my two favorite football teams. I guess I still have fantasy football to cheer about.

For Saturday's game against Minnesota, my adopted West Balcony was sitting right in front of my computer watching the game on ESPN Broadband (thank you illinicon and TeShurtPride for the link), while having the Iowa / Penn State match up on mute on my TV. Normally when a coaching change will be made, you can point to one game where the wheels completely fell off, and for Illinois and Ron Turner the game that broke the camel's back was Saturday's 45-0 humiliation at the hands of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Due to extreme depression about the state of the Illinois football program, I don't think I can write any more. It would just be best for me to go back to watching the NFL games on TV, the Patriots versus the Jets seems better than focusing on the Illinois football program. That is what I will do.

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