Big Man Albert Jackson Lists Top Two

Illini fans, once again you made a great impression on this Kentucky native. Albert Jackson says, "I will be back." Read here for the interview with the 6-10 big man.

"Illinois treated me real good this weekend. They're going to be a really good team this year," said Albert Jackson. Jackson also said he's going to make sure he picks a school that makes him feel comfortable and a coach who cares about his players.

"Right now I'm only 16 years old so this is all new to me, but the coaches and fans at Illinois were great. My coach said he liked it a lot too," Jackson said.

Most people judge a player on his list of schools. If that's the case, here is a list of schools that Jackson has visited to date: Kentucky, Illinois, MSU, Tennessee and Xavier.

"All the schools were nice, but Illinois and Michigan St. made the biggest impact on me. Actually both schools and fans were about the same. Both teams are good and play very hard and I like that a lot," said Jackson.

The big man liked it so much he's coming back to watch the Illini play, though which game he doesn't know right now. "Coach Weber wants to come to see me play and then he and my coach will pick a game I can go to," added Jackson.

What else makes this kid such a hot commodity is that he's already qualified and he's currently carrying a 3.0 GPA. Stay tuned - we will let you know when he's coming back to Champaign.

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