Bruce Weber Press Conference

Bruce Weber addresses the media today regarding their first exhibition game on Friday. Read here for player updates and the red-shirt ideas.

Q. How is James doing?
A. He sprained his ankle Friday and he landed on his knee. I think he has a great tolerance for pain. He should be okay today we think.

Q. What are you looking for from the team this Friday?
A. Dress rehearsal for the boys; rotate minutes; give guys minutes who didn't get them last year, game minutes are important; playing in front of crowds; going game speed with 5-6 minute stretches.

Q. Coach, have you guys talked about Red-Shirt making decisions?
A. We are talking about that as a staff - Marcus Arnold for sure (laugh). These exhibition games don't count, so I wish they could all play. If they could play in some of these games it may help them understand how much playing time they would get and how many guys are in front of them.

Q. Is it better to play SIU E rather than Marathon Oil?
A. It all depends. If it's a team and 6 or 7 guys show it then it's not worth it; they've had some pretty good teams over the years.

Q. If the rule wouldn't have changed, would you have played the Globetrotters this year?
A. Yes, we talked to them about it. They were very good, so yes, there was talk about it. They had a lot of good athletes on that team.

Q. Can we assume same starting five this Friday?
A. Depending on James, yes. If not him, Nick will start. Everyone will play pretty equal; I don't care what the score is.

Q. Will there be red-shirt players this year?
A. I will talk to all of the freshman of course, but I will never make a kid red-shirt. I will tell them the good and bad of both.

Q. What about Warren Carter as a candidate?
A. That would be up to Warren. Last year we talked to him about it but he didn't want to do it. Some kids think it's a slap in the face. Imagine if Luther would have done it with all his injuries he's had in his career. Having him two more years would be great, wouldn't it?

Q. How anxious are the guys?
A. I think they are ready to play. It's good for the players to see someone different, and it's good to get tape of someone else in game situations.

Thanks, coach.

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