Jeremy Nash Hits the National Radar

This 6-3 shooting guard is slowly becoming a hot commodity in the college ranks. Jeremy Nash was a visitor recently. Details here at Illiniboard.Com

Tyrone Slaughter is the AAU Coach for this 6-3 shooting guard from Chicago Marist High School. Slaughter is the coach of other Division I prospects as well: Jerome Randle, Mitchell Bouie and Brian Cardwell.

Slaughter knows his guard has the skill to play major college basketball. "Jeremy is a strong guard that can get to the basket. He's able to get his shot in the lane with no problems," Slaughter said.

"Right now my job as his coach is to make sure his game is complete. He shoots the three pointer fairly well, but he needs to become more consistent with it. But he sure defends very well, especially in the open court." stated Slaughter.

Slaughter would never tell a kid what he should do with his future, but since he's been in the business for so long he's seen it all. "We need to guide our kids, teach and educate them. Today so many kids are misguided." Not mentioning schools by name, Slaughter said, "Most kids become in awe when certain schools recruit them, they don't ever think about the big picture. Sometimes college coaches will tell a kid you will be the only player we recruit at that position, then once they commit they start looking at kids in the same position." Slaughter added, "There have been so many kids that left the state to play at other programs because they are "bigger" names, only to come back asking for help."

Nash will be guided in the right direction, that's for sure. "I will let my kids when they become juniors develop a list of four schools, but when the schools start calling I tell my kids to do the talking. Don't just let the coaches do all the work," said Slaughter.

Nash has been on campus and appeared to like the entire college basketball atmosphere. Stay tuned, Illini fans, because Nash is a kid that the Illini have on its radar screen.

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