Scheyer Leads Glenbrook North to 46-34 Win

In the first trip to a high school basketball game this season, Brumby decided to go to Northbrook, IL and watch Glenbrook North as they took on New Trier. The Glenbrook North Spartans started out slow as New Trier built up a 16-11 lead after the first quarter. The Spartans came back to take control and win the game 46-34. Read more of this story for's take on the game, including Glenbrook North's star shooting guard, Jon Scheyer.

After work yesterday I stayed in the North suburbs to watch New Trier travel to Glenbrook North to take on the Spartans and Jon Scheyer. I was obviously not the only person that decided to take in the game as the gymnasium was sold out, and there were fans packing all four sections of bleachers (the main and upper deck on both sides of the court).

The most amazing thing about the game last night for me was the atmosphere. Now, I am only seven years removed from my high school graduation, but I don't remember high school games being like this, and I attended many a high school basketball game in my time. The students for Glenbrook North had an entire section on the side opposite the Glenbrook North bench and it was full of yellow shirts both in the main stands, and in the balcony. The Glenbrook North pep band was also there to lead cheers, including banging the drum to start the "Defense!" cheer for their Spartans. The New Trier students were not to be out done as they made the short drive to Glenbrook North as well. They took over the side of the gym behind the New Trier bench and did their best to keep their team in the game and rattle the Spartans.

Both student sections would go back and forth cheering against each other. As New Trier built up their 16-11 lead in the first quarter, they were chanting "Where is Scheyer?" and "Over-rated" every time Scheyer touched the ball. After the Glenbrook North run to take the lead, the Spartan fans taunted the New Trier fans with chants of "You Can't Stop Us!" and "Scoreboard!" It is like the popularity of the Orange Krush and student cheering sections just like it across the country has now dropped to the high school level, and it is a pretty interesting site to see.

But enough about the atmosphere in a high school basketball game, now for more pressing details like how the 6'6 shooting guard from Glenbrook North, Jon Scheyer, fared on Friday evening.

Watching the game, a few things stood out.

Scheyer was obviously the only high major prospect on the court for either team. There were some good players, but I would not think any of them will see many looks from scouts on the college level.

Early in the game, the New Trier Trevians were able to slow down Scheyer with a box and one defense that confused the Spartans. It seemed like Glenbrook North was not able to read what type of defense New Trier was in, and for a few possessions they were just running around on offense without purpose. Once they figured out that they were playing against a box and one, they had Scheyer running the baseline around picks trying to get him open for shots.

The second quarter was when Scheyer was finally able to break free of the New Trier defenders and start Glenbrook North on their run that would allow them to take the lead for good. Scheyer scored ten straight points for Glenbrook North, including a four point play when he was fouled on a three point shot from the corner as a New Trier defender jumped into him as he released the ball. These ten straight points were the peak of Scheyer's offensive output.

  • The form on Jon's jump shot is very solid, and it is even better when he is shooting free throws. I watched him shoot during warm ups, and during the game. The one thing that I think he will need to do before college is increase his release point to be about an inch or two higher. Outside of that there is nothing wrong with his jump shot: the rotation, the footwork, and the form are all there.
  • From the free throw line, Scheyer was automatic, even at the end of the game. Even though he was shooting poorly from the floor, he still made all of his free throws.
  • On Friday night, Jon was a better basketball player with the ball in his hand, than he was running off screens trying to get open for a shot. With the ball in his hands, and his shot not falling Scheyer was taking the ball to the basket, and most of the time finding a teammate open for a three point shot. He had numerous assists on Friday night when the defense collapsed on him because he would jump over them and throw a pass to an open teammate spotting up for the shot. The most common beneficiary of Scheyer's passing was point guard Sean Wallis. Despite finding open players for shots, I still think Scheyer may have left his feet too much to pass the ball.
  • Nothing seemed to faze Scheyer. Despite the New Trier students chanting "Over-Rated!" to him whenever he touched the ball and when he was on the free throw line, he just took it all in and played his game.
  • Former Glenbrook North star and current Duke Assistant Coach Chris Collins was in the stands for Friday night's contest. Duke was in Chicago to play Valparaiso on Saturday afternoon, and Collins used the opportunity to scout Scheyer and get back to his old high school.

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