"That Game Was Awesome, Wasn't It?"

Jon Scheyer is a 5 Star recruit for Illinois' Bruce Weber. Scheyer gave Illiniboard.Com's Kedric Prince his feelings on Illinois and what schools he listed as prospects. Get inside for this one.

Last year it was Julian Wright that kept Illini Nation buzzing, this year it's Jon Scheyer, another potential McDonald's All-American right here in the great Land of Lincoln. Some reported that Scheyer was in attendance during the Illinois blowout of Wake Forest on Wednesday but he wasn't. "Man that was awesome wasn't it, I wish I could have been there, my coach went. We had practice and school the next day but that was a great performance by Illinois." Said Scheyer.

Jon understands what happened with Julian Wright and Illinois, and knows all about pressure. "I get a lot of pressure to attend Illinois, it's the home state school, but it's all really positive pressure. I would feel real comfortable at Illinois, I really love Coach Weber." Scheyer said.

So let's get right down to it Jon, how much of a chance does Illinois have with you? " I really like Illinois a lot, they are the only team in the Big Ten that pushes the ball up the court, they don't play the way other typical Big Ten teams play. Most teams in the Big Ten play the slow down game. Coach Weber likes to push it and you can see that in every game they play." Said Scheyer.

Illini fans across the state, I encourage you to get out to see Jamar Smith play and let him know how much you appreciate him. What does that have to do with Jon Scheyer you may ask? Easy, Smith may be one of Illinois best recruiters ever. "Man, Jamar gets on me all time, telling me how good it would be to play at Illinois together. He's always trying to make deals with me, but it's all in fun." Scheyer said.

The list of schools for this five star recruit came to me in this order: Illinois, Arizona, Duke, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan St. and California. Stay tuned Illini fans, Jon knows how much the Illini faithful would love to see him in the orange and blue, but when the time is right, he will start to shrink that list.

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