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In his first and only interview with any media outlet from the state of South Carolina, Florida Gators offensive coordinator Larry Fedora talks about his future. <br><br>

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When Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden fired offensive coordinator Mike O'Cain, one of the first people he had in mind as a replacement was Larry Fedora.

At the time it seemed like a logical choice. After all Fedora was running the successful Florida Gators offense for head coach Ron Zook, who was told in the middle of the season that he would not be retained, and as a result Fedora was likely going to be unemployed at season's end.

As reported last week, Bowden eventually called Fedora and told him that if he comes to Clemson, he will have complete and total control of the offense. That alone should be a clue as to how bad Bowden wants him.

Fedora told Bowden that he is interested in the job but he gave no commitment. It also turns out that Fedora is interested in other jobs as well. He's also talked with Florida State, but he is primarily waiting to see where Zook ends up before he makes a decision.

"I've got some different opportunities right now," Fedora said in an exclusive interview Sunday with It is his only interview to date with any media outlet from the state South Carolina.

"I'm without a job right now and I've got to do what's best for me and my family."

There was even talk that Fedora might be offered a job under new Gators coach Urban Meyer, who was hired from Utah. But sources said Meyer will likely give the job to Utes quarterbacks coach Dan Mullen.

The biggest problem for Bowden, though, is that Zook was expected to be offered the head job at Illinois Sunday. He is also a top candidate for the Ole Miss head job.

Sources told that Fedora wants to stay with his old coach regardless of where he ends up.

Because of his allegiance to Zook, no meetings or telephone conversations between or Bowden and Fedora are scheduled, sources told In fact, last Tuesday was the last time the two have spoken.

While Fedora wouldn't comment on his talk with Bowden, he did say he thinks the vacant job is a good one.

"I'm very interested," he said. "But I'm just weighing the opportunities and waiting to see what happens."

With it extremely likely that Fedora will go with Zook, Bowden has set his sights elsewhere. And don't expect the search to come to an end anytime soon.

Sources have also told that Bowden has let it be known that his quest for an offensive coordinator will take some time. He wants to make sure the Tigers "get the right person."

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