Bill Cole is Back from his Ankle Injury

Bill Cole recently told's Kedric Prince he's got a big list of schools read here to see what he thinks of the Illini. Get inside.

Bill Cole from Peoria Richwoods is becoming a star in the eyes of a lot of major schools. "Right now I'm getting a lot of interest from big time schools. I've gone to a couple scrimmages at Illinois so I know Coaches Weber and McClain. Coach McClain is from the area so I know him," Cole said.

Cole is the teammate of future Illini guard Jamar Smith, who may play a very important role in what school Cole decides, just like his AAU teammate Jon Scheyer.

This year Cole admits he is still trying to learn the game, but knows the Illini run a lot of motion offense, which is what he runs now in high school at Richwoods. Cole has been battling an ankle injury. "It's still pretty tender but it should be fine," Cole said. According to Smith, the young sophomore had some very impressive dunks in his first game back against Rock Island. Cole didn't feel he played that great in the first half but then he started to get in the rhythm again.

Cole, like most of the country, has been watching the Illini and how good they are playing. "Those guys are really good; they really get up and down the court. Next year I will start to really look at schools a lot more. I'm still fairly young right now," stated Cole.

Recruiting is a business where you can never sleep. Once you do your opponent could sneak a player right from under your nose. Right now the Illini are hot, and just like anything else, you have to strike while the fire is hot.

The list that Cole gave was: Illinois, Notre Dame, Iowa, Kentucky and Syracuse

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