Shootout at the Hill: Julian vs. Bloomington

On Saturday afternoon, Brumby took the drive down to the south suburbs to watch a few games of the "Shootout at the Hill" hosted at Hillcrest High School. The second game Brumby saw was Chicago Julian defeat Bloomington High School 62-53.

Heading into this game, I did not really know much about either of the two teams outside of the two seniors from Bloomington that have signed with Illinois State (Dodie Dunson and Brandon Holtz), Bloomington sophomore Justin Bocot, and Julian senior and Wyoming signee Brandon Ewing. It did not take me too long to notice another player from the Class of 2007 that I think everyone will definitely be watching as the years progress, Julian's 6'9 forward Nyal MacKoshwal.

When it comes to the game, Bloomington jumped out to a 17-13 lead at the end of the first quarter thanks to solid team work and finding the open shooter. Julian came back in the second quarter to take the lead a 27-25 lead into half time. The third quarter was when Julian started to pull away from Bloomington, thanks to what many Bloomington fans in the stands around me would describe as ‘curious' calls by the officials. At the end of the third quarter, Julian held a 43-37 lead. Julian held onto their lead in the fourth quarter, and extended it to get to the final score of 62-53.

  • Justin a smooth left handed wing forward who is not afraid to take the ball to the basket, and shoot the three.
  • When it came to his jump shot, the form was there, but there was not too much spin on the shot when he was shooting from longer distances (three point shot). From the free throw line he had much more spin on his shot. It looked like he was probably pushing his shot a bit the farther out he went on the court.
  • I believe Justin ended up with 13 points with points coming in all facets of the game including transition, dribble drives, three pointers, and the free throw line.
  • He did not get many touches on the inside, as Julian played more of a guards' game, especially once Bloomington went to the zone in the second half.
  • Nyal went hard after the ball of the glass, and had a good sense for where the missed shots were going to land.
  • MacKoshwal is pretty athletic for his size, and he used that athleticism to block a few of the Bloomington shots. It was too bad that his best display of athleticism came on a blocked shot that was definitely goaltending.
  • The most impressive thing about MacKoshwal was that he already has a sense of the impending double team and was able to pass out of the double team to find open shots for his teammates.

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