OL Ben Amundsen talks Turner and Zook

Sophomore offensive lineman Ben Amundsen is very excited to play for new Coach Ron Zook. He also talks about his former Coach Ron Turner. Read here for details.

Ben Amundsen is a 6-6, 305 offensive linemen from Moline, Illinois who is waiting his chance to show new Coach Ron Zook what he can do. "Things have been really busy for Coach Zook. He's only been here a week; we talked with him a little, but not much. He's out meeting coaches," explained Amundsen.

"Coach Zook is really excited about getting the chance to meet with us and tell us what he's expecting from us. Winter work-outs will be fun and I'm really anxious about spring ball," Amundsen said.

Amundsen feels for his former Coach Ron Turner and says that Turner and the Illini couldn't catch a break all season. "Anything that could go wrong seemed like it did. The Purdue game is a great example: we block a punt, but they recover it and get the first down. Things like that happened to us all season long," he said.

"We all felt really bad for Coach Turner. A lot of the players were down and out. It was also hard because we couldn't talk to each other because it happened over Thanksgiving break," added Amundsen.

Amundsen also said the fans were not a big factor. They knew that attendance was down but coach always told them not to worry about that kind of stuff and to control the things you can - and that's the playing field. Along with a poor record, the falling attendance didn't help Turner.

Amundsen feels next year he may get a shot to get on the field since seniors Patrick Babcock and Duke Preston are gone. "When the time is right, I will get my chance to play," he said. Amundsen came in with a great class of linemen. Maybe now, with a new coach and a little luck, they will live up to the hype they came to Illinois with.

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