Jada Brown names a leader

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jada Brown:

Which position did you start at this season? "Defensive line and offense center."

What were your stats for the year? "I had 94 tackles and 12 sacks."

Did you garner any awards? "I was named Super 11, All-Metro, All-Area, and All-State. I was invited to the Hawaii and Australian Bowls."

Which colleges have offered you a scholarship? "Illinois, Marshall, Ole Miss, USM, Memphis, and UAB. I might commit this week."

You are going to commit this week? "This week or maybe next week. I do not know yet. My big plan is to commit on ESPN sports zone where all of the big players commit."

Are you leaning to any one school? "Ole Miss. They got Coach Orgeron. He is a great coach and man. Coach "O" is just so fierce. I have been watching him at USC for years now. When I heard he was their new coach. I knew then that is where I wanted to go. He called me the first day he was hired. I told him all I wanted was a chance to play next year. He told me he was going to put me up against their best offensive lineman and see how I do. That is all I wanted to hear. I know I will start at Ole Miss next year. I just work too hard and have too much God given talent to not start."

What % would you put you signing with Ole Miss? "90%. The other 10% is just in case something goes wrong. I want to be a Rebel. I want to play for Coach Orgeron. I am going to go on my visit, and if I like their campus, then that is gravy. I just really feel in my heart that Ole Miss is the best school for me right now."

Who recruits you for Ole Miss? "Coach Arlington Nunn recruited me before he got fired, then Coach Matt Luke started calling and coming to the crib. But really, Coach Orgeron has been calling me the most. He calls me once a week, and I call him all of the time."

Who else is the running for your services? "I would say Illinois is in second, then Marshall, then Memphis, then UAB." Who do you feel is recruiting you the hardest? "Memphis."

Have you lined up your official visits? "I went to Illinois on December 10. I am going to Marshall (1/14), USM (1/21), and Ole Miss (1/28). Some of those dates might change, so."

Any inhome visits lined up this week? "Marshall's head coach came by today. UAB's head coach is coming Tuesday, and Ole Miss' head coach is coming on Wednesday. Ohio State and LSU came by my school today."

What do you like about Illinois? "Coach Ron Zook and Tommy Thigpen. Coach Thigpen is the reason I love Illinois. He is a great recruiter and person. He made me feel at home when I went up there. I hung out with his wife. We got to be good friends. He would watch over me if I went to Illinois."

What about Marshall? "They are basically an offensive school, so that makes me feel weary. But a good friend of mine, Michael Spann, goes there. He loves it, so I am going to go up there and check it out."

And Memphis? "Coach Hunt. I know I can go down there and be a great player. I know I will be a great player at any school because I love the game so much, but he is such a great defensive coach."

What are your looking for on the next level? "Basically, where ever I go I know I can have a great time and get a great education. So keeping that in mind, I want to see how well I fit in with their team, what type of dorm I will be staying in, and just the people on their campus."

Jada carries a 2.5 GPA/15 ACT/800 SAT.

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