Freshman on Illini Radar Screen

In this day and age of recruiting you can never start too early, and that's the case with this point guard from Milwaukee. Get inside to find out the information on this rising star.

Korie Lucious is a 5-11 point guard from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that is turning heads, just like sophomore guard from Chicago Simeon, Derrick Rose. Lucious is only a freshman, but the majority of the Big Ten schools (as well as Marquette) are after his services. Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan St, Notre Dame and Marquette are all trying to make that first big impression.

I spoke with his AAU coach Marty McGlothan, and Illinois is making an impression on Korie. "Right now Korie doesn't have a clear cut leader, but he's watching what's going on in college basketball. We know how good Illinois is right now and how their guards play," said McGlothan.

"Korie is a tremendous athlete; he can do it all right now. He's a good shooter from everywhere on the court, great ball handler, plays great on the ball and team defense. This kid is the real deal," McGlothan said. There's always something every kid can improve on in his game, and McGlothan feels at the collegiate level you can never be a good enough shooter.

Right now this freshman is playing at the varsity level and averaging 13 points, 7 assists and 2 steals a contest according to McGlothan.

This summer he plans to take Korie and exposed him to as much great high school basketball as possible. "We plan to go to Houston in April, along with D.C. and maybe get to Las Vegas in July," McGlothan stated.

This week Korie is headed to Springfield, Missouri for a tournament. Stay tuned here for more details on this future star.

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