Mrs. Jackson Talks About #1 Illini

Everyone who follows Illinois recruiting knows Albert Jackson's two favorite schools of choice. Read here for Kedric Prince's interview.

When I called the Jackson's household I introduced myself and told her why I was calling, which was to speak with her son, Albert Jackson a 6-10 center from Hopkins Kentucky. When I told Babby Jackson who I was with, we spoke for a half an hour and I never got the chance to speak with her son. She was so excited to talk about Illinois basketball. "I can't believe the #1 team in the country like Illinois is recruiting my baby. This is so great," Jackson said.

"It's an amazing time right now for Illinois. I get so excited about this whole recruiting process, and Albert just takes it all in stride. He tells me all the time when I go on these visits I embarrass him. The people are so nice to us," she said. According to Babby, Albert is a laid-back kid, but a true warrior on the court. He loves the game of basketball and really doesn't know how good he could be.

Mrs. Jackson is not the only one who's in awe of this Illinois basketball team. "I knew Albert was going to have a great interest in this game. I'm sitting here watching this game and wow - that Illinois basketball team is good," said Jackson.

Right now there is no leader between Illinois and Michigan State; however Mrs. Jackson did say when Albert was a freshman MSU was the first school to take an interest in him. It was strictly about his academic background and he liked that. Then came the Illini. They have been showing her son a lot of attention these days.

Many couldn't figure out why Kentucky and Louisville haven't been involved with Albert. That's easy. "When Albert was 15 he made a statement that Kentucky hasn't really showed me a lot of interest. Albert did visit UK but not a lot took place after that and the same can be said for Louisville," Jackson said.

"This weekend we go to Xavier for an official visit. That should be a good time for Albert. We know this is only the start for him, but all the attention he's getting right now - I can't believe it," stated Jackson.

Albert Jackson is a 6-10 center of the class of 2006 from Hopkins County Central in Kentucky. Stay tuned, because this recruitment could end up between Illinois and Michigan St. just like in East Lansing on Tuesday night.

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