Warren Carter Must Play Better Defense

Most can see the talent this 6-9 Texas native has, but most are scratching their heads at to why he doesn't get more time on the court. Today I sat down with Warren Carter and he said he knew why. Read here for Kedric's interview with Warren Carter.

When sophomore wingman Brian Randle went down, most felt that 6-9 versatile forward Warren Carter would be taking his spot. According to Carter it's been tough sitting there watching games, but he knows his defense is keeping him off the court.

Warren said selfishly that it's been tough, but how can you argue with all the team's success? "For me it's tough. I have to learn three positions and it's been hard. There are a couple things that Coach said I get confused on or get lost at times," Carter said. "Sometimes people don't give our team enough credit for the defense we play. Some games when we didn't shoot well our defense carried us," Carter added. Red-shirting is something that he doesn't regret but just like all players, according to Carter, he wants to be on the court.

Carter really loves just being with the guys. I asked Carter if the guys were supportive of him and some of the other guys that don't get to play much. He responded, "Definitely. The guys are very supportive; we are truly like a family here at Illinois."

Carter also feels that with all the publicity that Illinois is getting it can only help him for next year. "One of the reasons I came to Illinois is because they are a good team and people know who we are," said Carter.

On the offensive end of the floor Carter can play with almost anyone on the team, but until he truly understands what it takes to play defense for Coach Weber, this will be an adjustment for him. However, I get the feeling that Warren is the type of kid that will get it done.

Speaking to this quiet young man and knowing a lot about him, if the old saying "Good things happen to those who wait." holds true, I really hope that it holds true for this young man.

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