Illini Recruit Ready for Big Game Wednesday

Chester Frazier is ready for the playoffs this Wednesday night. Read here to see how Frazier did Saturday night in his first game back since his injury.

Illinois' future guard sprained his MCL and had to miss some valuable time on the basketball court, but last Saturday in Frazier's first game back, he led his team with 18 points. "It was just good to be back on the court again. I've been really shooting the ball well this year. We have a big game Wednesday against St. Thomas Moore. I really want to keep playing," said Frazier.

Frazier knew the one part of his game that many doubted was his ability to shoot the basketball; for now, he feels those same people may put that myth to rest. "I've made a three point shot in every game this season. I've worked really hard on improving my game for the next level," Frazier said.

According to Frazier, he will be at Illinois to attend summer school in June and he can't wait to be with his new teammates. "It's exciting what they've done at Illinois. I know it's a lot of pressure on them to keep winning, but they get the job done every night. They are true winners and that's one of the reasons I picked Illinois," Frazier stated. "Sometimes opposing players will remind me of playing for the nation's best team and my teammates call me ‘Mr. Illinois'. Because I signed with Illinois people really do expect a lot more of me right now, so I have to raise my game another notch. But that's a good thing."

We will see how Frazier did in his game on Thursday. Read here at for details.

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