"I Have Three of the Final Four Picks"

Big Man recruit Albert Jackson talks about his recruitment and the Illini's chances at the Final Four in St. Louis. Get inside for all the details.

Albert Jackson is a recruit that stands 6-10 from Hopkins County Central in Earlington, Kentucky, and still lists Illinois as one of his favorites. I had the chance to speak with Jackson about the Illini and their great game against Arizona.

"I was at AAU practice during the game, and kept getting calls about the score of the game. At first I was worried, but then they kept fighting back. I knew Illinois would make the final four. I wasn't so sure about MSU, even though I had them in my final four," said Jackson.

Since college basketball is the talk everywhere and people are worried about their brackets, Jackson picked three of the final four. " I picked Illinois, UNC, MSU and Wake Forest. I really didn't see Louisville making it," Jackson added.

For all you college basketball fans that think every kid likes Duke, you're wrong. I asked Jackson why he didn't pick Duke and he said, "I don't like Duke at all. Not one bit. I'm glad they got beat. What makes it better was because it came from MSU," Jackson added. Jackson said two other schools are trying to enter the picture for his services, "Georgia and UNC are really starting to send me a lot more mail now."

Don't panic, Illini fans. Jackson likes Illinois and their staff. "All those guys are great. Coach Price and Coach Webster are good guys and Coach Weber proved how good of a coach he can be. They were down by 15 points that late in the game. He pushed all the right buttons. I don't know what he told them, but whatever it was it worked. He's a great coach," he said.

For the championship game Jackson has Illinois and UNC with Illinois winning it all due to the season they've had and all their hard work this year.

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