Matt Gwynne, Class of 2006, Loves Illinois

Since the Illini have made this great run many have wondered how recruiting would be affected by this. New names and old names are making the Illini wish list and people who never once thought of Illinois are looking very hard now.

Up and coming star Matt Gwynne is a 6-9, 220 pound forward from Raleigh, North Carolina, that likes what he's seen in Illinois. "I can't believe they called me. They're the number one team in college basketball," Gwynne said.

Gwynne, like everyone else, loves the Illini's chances this weekend. "I think they will beat Louisville and win the entire tournament. They have the players to do it," said Gwynne.

"I have to be honest, I was blown away when they called me. I'm naive when it comes to this whole recruiting process. I can't believe they heard about me way up there. I don't want you to think I can't play, I can. Clemson has offered me but I told them I want to visit Illinois. I like the staff there." Gwynne also said he'd wait until the Illini finish taking care of business before he calls about an unofficial visit.

"Right now Illinois stands out in my mind. I don't care about what conference I play in; I like the way Illinois plays and I like how their big men run the floor and Coach Weber allows them to shoot the ball."

At this point Illinois hasn't offered Gwynne, but he knows how much they like his game. This summer, playing for the Charlotte Royals, will help him improve his game each time out.

Like most high school players this year, he feels the National Championship is right there for the Illini to take this year. Gwynne said he's pretty confident in them.

Assistant Coach Tracey Webster is doing the recruiting for Gwynne at this point, but he receives letters from the staff.

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