Mitchell Carter, 7-0 Big Man from WI's Kedric Prince has found a new player that's been added to the Illini list and that's 7-0, 240 pound center Mitchell Carter. Get more details inside.

Mitchell Carter is a 7-0, 240 pound center from King High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This 2006 class member has been getting some serious interest from the Illinois coaching staff recently.

"Right now it's a lot of good mail from them and keeping my interest on them right now, which is great. After all, they are the best team in the country," Carter said. Right now Carter stressed this is really new to him, but whatever school he attends he wants to play for a coach like Weber. "He makes his players better and that's important to me when I pick a college."

"There's no part of my game that's great because I feel I can always work on my game to get better each time out," Carter added.

Carter is a good student. He's carrying a 3.0 GPA that he would like to improve. Carter is on the map of a lot of major college programs and that's why he will work to get better. "But when the number one team in the country shows interest in your game, you know you're doing something right."

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