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West Chester (Oh.) wide receiver Josh Chichester get inside to read about his college plans.

West Chester (Oh.) wide receiver Josh Chichester (6-8, 210, 4.7) says Illinois (offer) leads slightly over Ohio State, Notre Dame and Purdue (offer).

"I like Illinois right now because they've got an overall great coaching staff," says Chichester, from Lakota West High School. "They've only got a slight lead over the other schools though.

"Coach (Ed) Warinner (run game coord/offensive line) is an especially nice coach. We've had some real great conversations on the phone before, but I haven't really been able to speak with him or any of the other coaches lately. The campus and the area around it are great. I had a great time at the game I took in with them against Indiana last season.

"I like Ohio State because it's close to home and I might want to end up around here. I also want to go to a program that'll win and they do that well," he says.

"Notre Dame has got an overall great coaching staff and great facilities. I was there last season for one of their games. I liked the great physical presence that the team displayed.

Chichester also claims offers from Louisville, Iowa, Cincinnati, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Miami (Ohio). "I can't remember who the first team was that offered me."

He has no plans to attend any JR Days or combines, and also has no plans for the summer.

"I also play basketball and the teams that have offered me so far, have also offered me for basketball as well. I want to play both sports in college. This summer I'll be on the AAU basketball team for Ohio and the top kids in the state are on the team. We're going to go around the country and compete against other teams.

"I'm taller than most guys I line up against on defense and I think that's a plus. I can jump higher than most guys on defense," says Chichester. "I want to work on coming off the line faster and beating people better down the field. I also want to work on my strength."

Final JR (8-3) stats: 11 TD receptions; 1 interception

3.2 GPA/June first-time ACT

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