Zach Mitchell adds Third Offer

Offensive lineman Zach Mitchell is now putting together a good list of colleges, read here for who has offered Mitchell.

Offensive lineman Zach Mitchell is now sitting with 3 offers. It had previously been reported that Georgia Tech and Charleston Southern had offered but there is a new suitor for his services. "My coach told me that they (Georgia Tech) offered me," said Mitchell, "and then I got one about two weeks ago from Illinois."

When asked if he had made a list of favorites yet Zach said, "I really don't have any favorites right now." Though he did go on to list some schools he had been to this spring. "I visited Miami. I visited Florida. I visited Central Florida. I visited Tennessee and I visited Alabama," said Mitchell.

Zach has planned on a busy summer. As far as summer camps go Mitchell says, "I'm planning on going to Miami, Florida, Florida State, Auburn, Alabama and Tennessee." He is also considering going to the Combine Series on May 7th when it takes a stop in Tampa, Fla.

Mitchell, who says he now weighs between 300 and 305 pounds now, will be playing both sides of the ball for his senior season. "Actually I'm playing both ways right now. We start our spring ball practice Monday and my coach tells me that I'm playing some d-line also. It's going to be fun but I'm more worried about o-line."

Mitchell added some information about one of the first two schools to offer him. "I haven't had a chance to go around and visit Georgia Tech yet, but I know they recruited my brother (Josh Mitchell - Charleston Southern) pretty hard back when he was getting recruited. I met the coach, Coach Geis before because he recruits my area. I was thinking about coming up… they have a senior camp up there. I was thinking about coming up to that this summer also."

Zach doesn't have any issues with distance from home when picking his school later on. "I'm open to go anywhere really as long as I like the coaches and as long as I get a shot at early playing time. That would be probably the biggest factor," said Mitchell.

So does that mean he doesn't want to redshirt? "Redshirting is not a bad thing. I wouldn't mind redshirting but if I could, I would like to jump in there and get into the mix of things right away," said Mitchell.

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