"I want to play at Illinois," says Armon Bassett.

Armon Bassett is a 6-1 point guard from Terre Haute, Indiana that is blowing up on the recruiting circuits this summer. This is one interview where a high school basketball recruit tells why he fits a program. Get inside.

Every good college basketball team needs a great floor general and Armon Bassett from Indiana thinks he's just what the Illini need. "I want to play at Illinois. What's not to like about them? They play my game: the motion offense, the pick and roll. I live off that. Coach Weber lets them play; they get up and down the court. He let's them shoot the three. This past season I shot 43% from behind the arc," Bassett said.

Bassett belongs to the class of 2005, but may have to attend prep school (Hargrave Military). Bassett admits he needs a strong test score, but feels he will get it done. "I'm working really hard on that right now. It's very important to me."

Why does Bassett like Illinois so much? "Man, I want to play for Coach Webster. I love that guy. He's been in my corner for years; that's my boy. Illinois is doing great things there. I was told that if Brandon Rush doesn't go to the NBA, he's going to Illinois. I want to be apart of that three-headed monster: Rush, Sherron Collins and me - we would be tough to handle. Hey, we need to get this done. Someone has to keep up with Ohio State, so why not Illinois," said Bassett. Watching the Illinois three guard offense this past season really, really peaked Bassett's interest.

Another deciding factor for Bassett is the location. "Champaign is only an hour and a half from my house and I've been to Illinois a couple of times. I know Coach Weber is interested in me because he came to see me play. If they offer I'm going to take it, and if they do I will bring kids with me. Right now they are my leader, but they're not - until they offer it's hard to say that." Other schools that interest Bassett are Xavier, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana.

Bassett said he follows recruiting. "Right now Dave Telep has me ranked in the 70's but by the end of the summer I will be in the Top 25. I'm getting better each time out," stressed Bassett.

Where does Bassett rank on Weber's list? Only Weber and his staff know, but Bassett knows what he wants in a college and coach. If he has things his way he will be playing for the Illini.

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