"Illinois has always been my #1," says Eric Gordon

The number one ranked shooting guard in the class of 2007 spoke with Illiniboard.com's Kedric Prince about his favorite team. Get inside today to read what Gordon has planned for college at this point.

Eric Gordon is listed as a 6-3 shooting guard from North Central HS in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gordon will be a 2007 recruit, but some already say he's one of the top two players in the nation (along with Chicago Simeon's Derrick Rose who is the number one ranked point guard by Scout.com).

Gordon is a very intelligent young man and is very wise when it comes to the world of recruiting even though he's only a sophomore. Gordon has been to Illinois for a game this year. "I like Illinois a lot. Maybe this summer I can go back down there; if not, I know I will go to a couple of games next year," Gordon said.

When talking about what school leads for his services at this point, without any hesitation Gordon responded, "Oh, Illinois has always been my number one team. They have always been my leader. Some of my friends have talked a lot about Ohio State, but that doesn't affect me one bit. If that's where they are happy – that's fine." Gordon did mention that North Carolina was on his mind, but nothing like Illinois.

This fine prospect, like most recruits that watched Illinois this year, fell in love with Weber's system and how he let the players be themselves. Roger Powell, the starting power forward off this year's final four team, said it best to me in a previous interview describing Weber's system. "How can anyone that loves basketball not like to play in this system. I mean, it's freelance basketball. You move all the time; you set picks for each other. Trust the system and everyone will score in it," Powell said. That's exactly what Gordon likes. "Their guard play - I like how they controlled the game and the tempo of each game they played this year. They got everyone involved. It's a system that can get players ready for the NBA. Just look at Deron Williams this year," Gordon said.

This weekend Gordon's team will be participating in The Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in North Carolina and Scout.com will have full coverage of the games. Also playing this weekend in that same event will be new Illini recruit Richard Semrau.

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