Isiah Williams Chats with Illini Fans on Site

In case you didn't know it by now, Isiah Williams is great to have around the site these days. Read here for Kedric Prince's interview with this All-American quarterback and his friend that's a frequent visitor.

Isiah Williams is a 6-2, 4-star quarterback prospect out of Chicago (Vocational) High School that just last week made his verbal commitment public. Last night I spoke with Williams about why he chose Illinois over all the other schools that were after his services.

"First reason was the school. Illinois is one of the top 5 engineering schools in the country and that's very important to me. I'm a good student and I'm great with numbers. Second was Coach Ron Zook. He's a guy that really stresses academics to recruits. He told me if I didn't play to graduate, then why come to school," Williams said. In addition, getting playing time right away had a major impact on his decision.

Zook also told Williams that he will play the best players when he's at Illinois. "I really like that about him. He told me he didn't care how old I was; if I was good enough to play then I would. He seems like a guy that would play you because you're good, not because of your age or skin color."

Williams loves being on the Internet. Some people pretend they don't read it but Williams is not one of those guys. "No man, I love the Internet. Chris James (Illini recruit from Morgan Park, Illinois) told me, ‘You have to go on and read that site. They are talking about us on there.' Then I saw all those people in the chat room so I had to get in to see what they were talking about. They are really nice people in that chat room. It's really cool if you think about it because Illini fans are like that, a family, and that's one of the other reasons I picked Illinois," said Williams.

How committed is Williams? "I'm 98% sure I will be at Illinois. The only reason I will not attend Illinois is because something drastic happens to my family and I have to move away or something like that, but I committed to them."

One point - last week Williams had offers from the following schools: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Kansas State, Minnesota, Central Michigan, Colorado, Penn State, New Mexico State, U Conn, Bowling Green, Illinois, Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, Kansas, Toledo, Ohio State, Boston College, Oregon, Akron and Ball State.

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