6'8" Sophomore L.A. Pomlee Turning Heads.

Starting Thursday in Rock Island, IL, 32 teams participated in the 2nd Annual Justin Sharp Shootout with many college coaches in town to get the early jump on the next star. L.A. Pomlee appeared to be the one who turned a lot of heads and brought one Big Ten coach out to see him play. Get inside.

L.A. Pomlee is a 6'8" 210 pound sophomore from Davenport Central High School in Iowa and has grown three inches since the start of the summer. Pomlee is a young, athletic, big man with a ton of upside to his game, which he displayed in this tournament.

He is a left-handed player that runs the floor well and can flat out jump out of the gym. During his last game on Saturday, his numbers were 18 points 16 rebounds and 9 blocked shots with 4 of those blocks coming all in a row.

"My doctors just told me last week that my wing span should be 7'3" by the time I'm done growing and they really think I have a good shot at growing to be 7'0" tall," said Pomlee. University of Iowa Assistant Basketball Coach Brian Jones was there to see Pomlee play two games.

At this point Pomlee's game is well rounded on both ends of the floor, both offensively and defensively. His coach Mike Reid was a former Colorado Buffaloes point guard that demands nothing but effort and intensity on both ends of the floor.

A local high school coach stated this would be the last year Pomlee will be playing in this tournament, as he expects to see him on the AAU circuits next summer.

Pomlee said his list of schools that he likes right now are: Iowa, DePaul, Wisconsin, Illinois and UNI, however that list may grow each time he steps out on the floor.

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