Charles Jackson Adjusting Well to College Life

Charles Jackson is a 6-foot-8 power forward from Tri-County High School in Buena Vista, Georgia. Jackson did very well this summer at Illinois. Read here at for more information.

Charles Jackson was the big man that couldn't wait to get to Champaign, Illinois to play with his new teammates and he's enjoying every minute of it. "Man, I'm having a great time with the guys. It's been great; just like I thought it would be," Jackson said.

This summer Jackson took two classes (like all the basketball team) and finished with two Bs in Health and Kinesiology. "I thought it was okay, but next Wednesday school starts and I will be ready. I hope to do a lot better."

On the court Jackson says he is playing very well. "The key for me and my success will be how much weight I can lose. I'm down to 252 pounds; when I got here I was at 285. If can drop some more weight I really think I'm going to see some time on the court this year. At college I'm eating really healthy," added Jackson.

Jackson felt the game was the same but the speed and the strength was just not the same. "Guys here can all play and you better be ready to play and in shape - they play a fast- paced game here." Jackson admitted that all the players have good days and bad days, but two players that really stick out to him are Chester Frazier and Jamar Smith. "Chester is good, he's real good, and Jamar is just playing unbelievable basketball right now. He's got a nice stroke going; he's smooth," Jackson said.

This year's practice should be competitive for those top eight spots. According to Jackson - he's planning to be in that mix.

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