Ron Zook Press Conference

Each week head Illinois football coach Ron Zook will meet with the media to discuss the previous and upcoming game. Read here for quotes from Coach Zook.

Opening Statement:
Good win. It was a good win; I told the guys that. We didn't look pretty at times - but we won.

Press Conference Comments:
Watching the game film, the guys saw some things we have to do differently and improve on, but also we did some good things on Saturday.

-I told the players yesterday, they should be proud of what they did. Not too many teams could do what they did - on the comeback.

-This week we have San Jose State so I told the guys to strap it on and get after it this week.

-Practice went well yesterday. They worked hard as much as you could after the game, and they ran well after practice also.

-San Jose State is a team we just don't know much about. They did beat Michigan State last year. You have to be concerned when you don't know much about a team. The one thing I'm sure of is how athletic they are, so we are going to have to make improvements.

-Health-wise we're okay, just your normal bumps and bruises.

-I tell you what - our coaching staff did a good job this weekend. Those guys work hard, and they did a great job of making adjustments. We know what they were trying to do. Also, the players did a good job of making the adjustments as well.

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