Bill Cole Talks About State Loyalty

Last night's Kedric Prince spoke with Peoria Richwoods' big man Bill Cole. He talked about his visit to Illinois and what he thinks of being loyal to the state school.

Bill Cole knows when he's a senior fans will make things tough on him, but he's going to be the one making the decision. "People say things to me all the time like, your dad and uncle went to the U of I so you have to go there." Cole stated that's not true. He will be looking at everything before picks a college. "Everything must be right for me; the academics, coaches and players will play a key role for me," Cole said.

Two weeks ago Cole visited Illinois and the big man enjoyed his visit. "I wasn't surprised by anything that I saw; I pretty much knew what to expect. We played a lot of games, and then went to watch a football game." Cole said he feels really comfortable calling the Illinois staff when he wants to play. "I really like Coach Weber, Price and McClain; they are all good guys."

"I know this isn't the most popular thing to say, but loyalty has no affect on some kids. Some kids just don't want to go to the school because it's the state school. I mean a lot of kids grow up cheering for the state school but that doesn't mean they have to go there."

Cole is the former teammate of current freshman Illini guard Jamar Smith, who admittedly worked very hard on Duke recruit Jon Scheyer. This time Smith is letting Cole make his own decision. "He told me he wasn't going to pressure me, but he did say he would like to play college ball with me."

Cole has a list that includes Illinois, Notre Dame, Uconn, UNC, Michigan State and Wisconsin. Not all these schools have offered Cole.

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