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E.B. Halsey - "It's embarrassing. We all know that we have to play better: the offense, the defense, all of us. Guys have to be ready to play. We're at the college level, and it's not a one-man game. If you're not ready to play when Saturday comes, then you're going to have problems".

On playing with energy...:
"When you play against a good team, if your energy level isn't there and you play without effort, you're not going to have a chance."

Tim Brasic On lack of effort...:
"I don't know what happened today with our effort. It's embarrassing. You can't let people come into your own house and let them score while you're going three and out on every play. We know we can't let this happen again with the intensity".

On being positive...:
"You have to take positives from today. We're still 2-2. And even though we didn't start off like we would have wanted to against the Big Ten, we have to bounce back. We have a lot of football left to play".

Pierre Thomas
On staying in the game...:
"We didn't have enough emotion on the field today. We need to come with more enthusiasm. A lot of guys were down, but you have to keep your head up if you want to win".
On playing flat...:
"The coach was definitely right when he said we came out flat. We didn't have enough energy or enthusiasm to run around on the field and play how we know how to play. Unlike with San Jose, Rutgers, and California, we came out kind of flat today and we weren't ready to play".
On learning from the game...:
"This is one game we can learn from. We don't want to do this again. A game like this is a real heartbreaker, but we can learn from this. We have to look back at today's game and not let it happen again".


...On his team's 705 total yards and 7 touchdowns offensively, both school records:
"Our coaches deserve a ton of credit; they put together a good plan. We got our players to grasp a lot of different things on the defensive side of the ball and offensively we threw a few new things at them, and it was good. I'm proud of our coaches and the kids did a good job."

On the play of his defense, holding Illinois to 14 points:
"We gave them the first seven, and we had our second stringers in there late in the game which is good because they need the playing time. So giving up that second one was no big deal for us. We can build on giving up seven points versus an offense that makes you prepare for a lot of things. I thought this war was won up front by controlling the line on both sides of the ball."

On the poor offensive play on Michigan State's first possession:
"Sometimes that'll happen, we put one on ground there, and I just thought we were a little tight. We've been kicking their tails all week long and telling them how everyone in this world thinks that you can't win one after you win a big one and asking them what kind of character do you guys really have. Maybe we pushed that at them a little bit too much, and they came out tight. We goofed it up early, but we finally settled down and started playing our game."

On telling his players throughout the game to "stay focused":
"That's the thing about what they were doing to us offensively; we were goofing up. We were going to take the wrong coverage on a wideout, take the outside when you're supposed to take the inside...all of those things happen. Sometimes you get ahead and then all of a sudden you start to play and it's all giggles and its fun and you don't stay focused. I thought our guys did a good job of staying focused."

On his team's 4-0 start and if he's surprised to be unbeaten at this point:
"A little bit, but at the same point you're always optimistic going into the season, you're always optimistic going into the game. It doesn't surprise me that much. I really like the way our kids are playing and performing."


#5 Drew Stanton QB
On making a statement after the win against Notre Dame last week...
"I think it just showed the character of this team and how we are evolving each week. We have been working hard and preaching to our guys that we can beat anyone. The Big Ten is getting stronger. We just have to take each week one at a time and try to establish ourselves on offense and have our defense continue to shut people down."

On learning about breaking several school records this game...:
"It is always nice to get your name in the record book, but this offense did a tremendous job of doing things we thought we should be able to do."

On the running game...:
"As soon as we got here no one was content. We wanted to finish every play. It started with our offense line. They played their butts off. They took it personal after last week when people were saying we couldn't establish the run, but that offensive line did a tremendous job and they are the reason we had so much time and so much success running the ball."

#71 Gordon Niebylski OG
On today's win...
"I thought we came out here focused. We had a great week of practice and we wanted to come in here and run the ball. It was a great day for the running backs."

#43 Kaleb Thornhill LB
On the progress they made from last week...
"We did make mistakes but we made huge strides defensively in this game. Hopefully, we can continue to improve going into Michigan next week."

On MSU's record breaking offense...:
"The offense kept the ball rolling. It was nice for the defense to watch them control the clock so we could get our rest. It was nice to see the offense keep moving the ball. It just gave us motivation to stop them and get our offense back on the field."

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