"Dee just wants to play." Cathy Brown-Blocker

Cathy Brown-Blocker, the mother of Illinois' point guard Dee Brown, is also in her last season in Champaign, Illinois this year. We caught up with Mrs. Brown-Blocker and she gave us her thoughts on the upcoming season.

Dee Brown may be the most popular basketball player ever at Illinois, and his mother Mrs. Brown-Blocker just takes it all in stride. Most people in her position can at times be "selling" their kids to the media, NBA scouts, or to anyone that will listen. Not her. "Dee just wants to play basketball. He loves the game and if he's having fun, that's good," she said.

Last year Dee Brown went to NBA tryouts where he had a major setback with a broken leg that he's just now starting to become 100% healthy again. "Yes, that was tough for Dee. He really went in there and tried to play hard and play his game and to show what he could do," she added.

But for now Dee will be back at Illinois with nothing but pre-season hype galore. He will make most first team All-American teams and just about every pre-season player of the year candidates.

This season Mrs. Brown-Blocker thinks this year's Illini can be good. "The kids have to step up this year, that's all. If they can all raise their game, Illinois will be fine. Dee will be fine. We know he will play hard and do what ever it takes to win."

This Friday will be Mrs. Brown-Blocker's last Mid-Night Madness and she plans to be there once again to support her son Dee. Also this Friday will be Dee's last media day with Illinois and once again we all can't wait to speak with Dee for one of his "classic" quotes.

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