Point from Memphis Likes Illinois

Maurice Miller, a point guard that's making a name for himself as of late, lists Illinois as one of his schools of choice. Last night Illiniboard.com's Kedric Prince spoke with Maurice. Get inside for more on this interview.

Right now Maurice Miller has a list of schools that look like this: UAB, Clemson, Ole Miss, Tennessee and the University of Illinois. "Right now it's really hard for me to narrow down my list of schools. I just started my junior year so this is kind of new to me, but I definitely like Illinois a lot," said Miller.

Like most high school athletes that the Illini recruit, they all have one thing in common and that's a great relationship with assistant coach Tracey Webster. "Coach Webster is great. I mean we have a great relationship; I feel like I can talk to him about most things."

Miller has been playing varsity basketball since he was a freshman and two years ago scouts knew this kid would be a player. "Last year I averaged 14.0 ppg and 8.0 assists and 5 rebounds per game as a sophomore."

Miller admits he likes to run and play a fast tempo brand of basketball. That's one of the things that attracted Miller to Illinois.

Miller is also from the same high school (Raleigh-Egypt in Memphis, TN) that produced former Illini Cory Bradford. Miller is 6'3" and weighs in at 185 pounds.

Miller has a 4.5 GPA on a 5.0 scale.

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