"We Should be More Athletic" – Bruce Weber

Today is Illinois Media Day and Illiniboard.com's Staff attended media day get inside for new quotes and interviews from Chester Frazier, Dee Brown, Charles Jackson, Calvin Brock, Brian Randle and Warren Carter.

Q. Chester Frazier, now the season starts for real. You guys have played all summer together in pick-up games; do you think you're ready?

A. Oh most definitely we are going to surprise some people this year, for me personally I know I'm ready, I will do whatever the coaches want me to do, if they want me start I will, if they just want me to run the team I can do that too.

Q. Dee Brown this is your last go around here at Illinois-are you excited about it?

A. Man I'm just happy to be playing basketball, Illinois has been great to me and so have the fans, I don't think people really understand how people here really treat us. Right now I'm going to schools to talk to younger kids and something as simple as signing a piece of paper can change the life of some people and to see the smiles or their faces is unreal at times, we are really blessed.

Q. Charles Jackson you have been quoted saying many times that you couldn't wait to get her, is it everything you thought it would be?

A. Oh yes sir, this is a dream come true for me it's just like I thought it would be. The guys are great and the coaches have been great. When I first got down her I struggled with the pre-season conditioning program but I did it. I just want to play.

Q. Calvin Brock, you finally get to play in an Illini uniform how excited are you?

A. Man I've waited a long time for this, last year was fun hanging out with the guys and learning from them but now it's my turn. I've worked hard on my game this summer, Coach Weber see me as a two or three man this year. When I broke my wrist I had plenty of time to work on my shot so it should be better too.

Q. Brian Randle, you're a sophomore now and one of the most athletic guys in the conference. What role do you see yourself playing this year for Illinois?

A. Well thank you, and I see myself as slasher and I can see myself posting up smaller guards in the paint. We will still run motion just like last year but we will be a lot more athletic in my opinion.

Q. Warren Carter, this time Coach Weber said she see a lot of playing time for you this year, what do you see in store for the team?

A. It's funny you ask me that because last night Roger Powell called me and asked how the boys looked and I told him we are much more athletic and we have a lot of guys that can run the floor a lot better than what we had last year. Brian Randle and I could beat Roger up and down the floor ever single time and I told him that…he just laughed. People are really going to be surprised how good Jamar Smith and Chester Frazier are, they can play.

Photos by Phil Schaefer

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