Chester Frazier is Turning Heads

Chester Frazier is a 6-2 point guard from Notre Dame Prep School in Fitchburg, MA. Frazier committed to Coach Weber, but most didn't know much about him. Now his coaches and teammates do. Read here for the latest interview with Frazier.

Chester Frazier is getting the job done so far this season. Frazier will be like most freshmen at times and have his ups and downs, but he's a very confident player.

"I'm coming into a great situation. I'm getting to play with guys like Dee Brown, Calvin Brock and Rich McBride everyday. They are teaching me all the things I need to know about this level," Frazier said. From the sound of things, this fine young guard is catching on very quickly. Of all the new players that Weber has coming in Frazier is the one that fans are dying to know more about.

"I'm a point guard and two guard; I can play them both. I will do whatever the coaching staff needs me to do. I just want to win and I want to play fast. That's what attracted me to Illinois - watching Deron, Dee and Luther play," he said.

Frazier knows his teammates respect his knowledge of the game because they tell him so, but he understands this is Dee and James Augustine's team. But this smooth point guard has a lot of talent for this game.

Frazier and a couple of his teammates decided to hang around to shoot a little bit and to show off their leaping abilities. It is safe to say this kid is an athlete. What people will notice is how quick, strong and what a good leaper he is.

Because he's a freshman, he may tend to over-pass, but looking for his shot in the lane can be a deadly weapon for Frazier. Be sure to keep tabs on this young man because he will only get better each time out.

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