"We Have Such an Impact." – Dee Brown

Dee Brown is Illinois basketball, like it or not. He's a quote machine and he loves the spotlight. Every college basketball fan in the world knows Dee Brown and can see his energy on the basketball court. Illiniboard.com talked to him recently. Read here for what he had to say.

Dee Brown is arguably the most popular basketball player to ever put on an Illini jersey, next to former dunking machine Kenny Battle, which by the way was probably the most perfectly timed event having those two on the court at the same time last Friday.

Dee Brown is now working on his internship. That involves going to different schools in the surrounding Champaign area. The expressions on Dee's face were worth a million dollars. I've been around this kid for three and a half years now and I've never seen him so sincere.

"Man, we are so blessed here at Illinois. We have such an impact on a lot of people. I mean, I can just sign a piece of paper and give it to a kid and you can just tell how much they appreciate it. There are times a school will want me to come in and sometimes I don't have to say anything to the class and the teacher will tell me that I've impacted their class," Brown said.

Dee has been to a lot of places he didn't really know existed. "I'm from the City of Chicago so I've never really seen a lot of rural areas, and when I say rural I mean that. Sometimes I'm driving and I don't see anything for miles, then I start to wonder if there's a school even out there and then on the left or right it shows up."

"People here have been so good to me; I just can't explain it. I guess growing up I never expected this kind of support, but here at Illinois they love their basketball."

Dee will be expected to carry a heavy load this year. Third year Coach Bruce Weber told Dee, "Your best friends, Deron and Luther, are gone so now you have to show the juniors and the new guys what it takes. I have no doubt that Dee can and will do that," Weber added.

This season will be Dee's last at Illinois, and this is one kid that no one can ever question his loyalty to the University of Illinois. He committed when he could have gone elsewhere. The coach that recruited him left for another school. But Dee stuck things out. Now his best friends are gone but Dee is still here being the true "King" of the state.

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