Calvin Brock - The Next Luther Head?

Chicago native Calvin Brock is a four-start recruit for Head Coach Bruce Weber. Last year Brock got to sit and watch one of the best seasons in college basketball unfold. This year Brock hopes to make his on mark on a great season

Calvin Brock is an Illinois product that came to Head Coach Bruce Weber on April 16, 2004. At that time Brock was slowly making a name for himself because of his athletic talents. Brock became the Chicago Public League Player of The Year during the 2004 season. Bottom line: If Brock blossoms the way he did during his four year high school career, it's easy to see why people call him the next (former-Illini) Luther Head.

During a scrimmage last season Brock, Head and Randle all decided to showcase their athletic ability and without a doubt, Randle and Brock will be two of the best in the Big Ten this year. Brock could float to the rim and just about match or do any dunk he wanted and did so with ease.

The knock of Brock has been his shooting and Brock knows that. "I've been working on my shooting all summer. Last year I was in a cast so that made me concentrate even more on doing things the right way. I know people say I could be the next Luther Head. I'm here to make my own name, but being compared to Luther is a great honor," Brock said.

Brock said he sees himself this year in the two / three man role, even though during the summer he tried to play the point a little. "If you're a guard in this offense you have to love it, because there're so many opportunities for all of us to score in. Last year playing against Dee, Deron and Luther I learned a lot. I just hope I can put that to use on the court," he added.

Each of the players on this year's squad bring something a little different to the table this year, with the smooth shooting stroke of freshman Jamar Smith and junior Rich McBride and the quickness of both All-American Dee Brown and freshman Chester Frazier. Brock adds that athletic guard that causes problems for opposing teams.

Brock, along with teammate Randle, feels that this year's team can be another good one for Illinois fans. "We saw what it took everyday in practice and during games to keep this going at Illinois, and with the coaches we have here in place don't be surprised by what you see us bring to the table this year," Brock added.

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