"Tomorrow I get to sign." - Richard Semrau

Richard Semrau is a 6'9" power forward/small forward from Lutheran West (Ohio), and gave Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber a verbal commitment back in May of this year. Illiniboard.com's Kedric Prince spoke with Semrau about his upcoming season and signing his national letter of intent on Wednesday.

"I can't wait to sign my letter. My dad is going to be in Chicago on a business trip so Wednesday morning at 9:00 is when we plan to have a press conference," said Semrau.

When Semrau committed to Illinois there was a lot of hype surrounding this player from Ohio, but an injury set him back and his play slipped a lot. "Yes, I know it did. I had a hard time coming back from that injury. I knew what people were saying about me, but I can't let those things stop me from wanting to reach my goals." During the summer months Semrau admitted that he was starting to follow the recruiting networks, but his coaches told him to stop. "All that does is give you a sense of how good people think you are then once you get to the top, you stop working. Or guys who are better stay ranked that low because of a bad game or two," Semrau added.

Semrau said the Illinois coaches do a great job on staying in touch with him. "I talk with Coach Weber or Assistant Coach Jay Price at least once a week." Right now Semrau is worried about his upcoming season, but stated a number of times he couldn't wait to play for the Illini.

For the past two weeks Semrau and his high school teammates have done nothing but pre-season conditioning. "Man, we've run a lot of sprints and I mean a lot of them, but we also have gone out to do the two mile run. So we should be in great shape to start the season."

Currently Semrau checks in at 225 pounds, which he feels is his ideal weight. He's stronger and hasn't lost step when it comes to putting the ball on the floor. "I'm working hard. I want to get to State and not lose a game this year. We went 20-0 last year and I know this year's team is much better," he said.

This season Semrau will give regular updates on his game and performances so Illini fans can stay up to date.

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