Changes Visit Schedule

Darnell Bolding was scheduled to be at Illinois this past weekend, but there was a change of plans and now he will be coming to Illinois this weekend. Read more on Bolding in this update from

Darnell Bolding was scheduled to make his first official visit this weekend to the University of Illinois, but those plans were changed.

"My father wasn't able to make it with me this past weekend so we did not go," said Bolding. "I'm going to visit Illinois this upcoming weekend, instead. I have an all-star game to play in on the December 16th weekend so I also changed my Michigan State visit to January 20th."

Coaches from Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan State all stopped by Bolding's high school last week. The NC State Wolfpack are scheduled to make a stop this week.

"North Carolina State is bringing a coach by my school on Thursday. I wasn't able to make it up to any of their games, and they want to meet me in person and get to know me, first, before making any offer," said Bolding.

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