Does DeAaron Williams Have Interest in Illini

Former Peoria Limestone star has left the Wisconsin basketball team, has enrolled at Illinois Central College, and currently plans to attend Bradley next year. Could that all change?

DeAaron Williams is a 6-5 guard from Peoria Limestone High School that just didn't like the way things turned out while he was a student at Wisconsin. Yesterday I had the chance to visit with Jon Williams in Peoria and discuss his feelings on the entire situation.

"First of all, when the staff at Wisconsin came to visit us they were really good to DeAaron and he liked what they had to say. But I guess when DeAaron got to school some things changed," said Mr. Williams. For the most part you could tell that the style of play was one major concern and it just didn't fit DeAaron's style of play.

How does this affect Illinois? Well, for the most part there were some strong feelings on the part of Illinois. "At the time Illinois only had two scholarships and one of them was for Shaun Livingston, so I could tell that DeAaron was getting frustrated with it."

Right now the plans are for Williams to attend Bradley, but if the Illini come calling the Williams family may listen. "The thing about playing for Illinois is it's close to home. DeAaron wanted to be close; I mean Wisconsin is not that far. For some reason I think there's some truth to kids when they stay in state and play for their home schools. They don't get lost that way," stated Mr. Williams.

Sure there needs to be some work done in the classroom for this former Illinois All-Star, but after junior college the recruiting game will start all over again. The Illinois coach that spent the time on his recruitment was Wayne McClain.

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