"I want to compete for a starting spot."

Isiah Williams, the no. 1 ranked quarterback prospect in the Midwest, is planning on competing for the starting QB job this fall. Read here for Isiah Williams' take on last week's recruiting class.

Isiah Williams is a 6-2 four-start recruit by Scout.com and will take his talents to the University of Illinois next year. Some experts say Williams may be the best QB to ever play at Illinois and that includes Jeff George.

"I'm glad that it's all over with. I knew were I wanted to go and who I wanted to play for," said Williams. Rumors were that he may pull out to attend North Carolina, but Williams stayed true to his verbal.

"I've talked with some of the other players. I think we have a good class coming in and we're going to do some good things down there," he added. Williams is known for his aggressive style of play and he's very confident when it comes to getting others to join him.

Williams is not coming to Illinois with the mindset that he's a freshman and he must wait his turn to get to play at Illinois. "That's one of the reasons I came to Illinois - because I want to have a chance to compete for a starting spot right away, and that's what I plan to do, but I know I'll have to work hard."

Williams plans to get down to Champaign as soon as possible so he can learn the system. If he's able to grasp what Zook is trying to teach, it should be fun watching Illinois football for the next three to four years. Williams has all the tools to compete at the collegiate level right away.

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