Sophomore Center Dominates Stat Sheet

Late last year, sophomore center L.A. Pomlee gave a list of schools that he was interested in, and the Illini were on that list. Last night I attended Pomlee's game. His team lost, but he was dominant. Read here for details.

What makes a good college coach look great is when they can find that diamond in the rough that becomes a very good collegiate player. For example, some knew Illini senior James Augustine was good coming out of high school, but I bet not one person thought statistic-wise he could be the best center to ever play at Illinois. Or what about true freshman Jamar Smith? We all knew the kid could shoot, but at the Division I level he's done that and has become a better on-the-ball defender.

Sophomore L.A. Pomlee is going to make someone happy when he commits to a school. Pomlee is 6-8, still growing and very athletic. Most guys his age with that kind of size can be raw and rough around the edges. Not this kid. He had four massive dunks that were so quick and in traffic one could only wonder when he gets taller and stronger what he will be like.

Pomlee scored 18 points (8-9 shooting), 10 blocks and 8 rebounds in a 53-48 loss. New coach at Davenport Central, Craig Wurdinger, is sure to have more visits and phone calls for Pomlee.

According to a family member last night, Pomlee still likes Illinois but Iowa is showing a lot of interest in him and they have since he was a freshman.

The one knock on this young player is the drive to play hard at all times. Like most young kids, that's tough to do when you're the biggest player on the court at times. Once he learns that, and I'm sure it will come with age, the sky is the limit for Pomlee.

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