"Did you see Randle's dunk?" - Bill Cole

Peoria, Illinois has been good to the University of Illinois the past few years and it looks as if the Illini could have another star in the making with 6-10 Bill Cole. Read here for details on Illiniboard.com's interview with Cole.

Bill Cole was in attendance this past Sunday when the Illini took on the Indiana Hoosiers in Champaign. Cole wasn't the only future Illini there; 6-4 five-star recruits Eric Gordon and Mike Tisdale of Riverton, Illinois also attended.

"It was cool just to hang out with them. We didn't get a chance to talk too much because we were watching the game, but we did get to go into the locker room when the game was over," said Cole.

Cole is excited about playing for the Illini. He thinks he'll be ready to play when the time comes. "I know I will have to get stronger because it's a different game, but I know I can do it," he added.

Cole admits he will miss high school when it's all said and done. "Heck, I even liked my junior high days; it was a lot of fun. I was probably 6-6 in the 8th grade." Cole has a younger brother, T.J Cole, who many think has a chance to be pretty good. According to Bill (jokingly), he's better than T.J. at this point. Bill did talk about Matt Roth, a special sophomore from Washington, Illinois, who Bill has played with down at Illinois. "He's one of the purest shooters in the state, if not the best. Last year as a freshman he was second in the conference in 3 point field goals to Jamar Smith," said Cole.

This weekend Cole may take in the Iowa - Illinois game. Cole's not sure, but would like to make another visit. Sunday was a good one. "Man, did you see Randle's dunk? We were all sitting there and it was so awesome we almost came out on the court," Cole said.

Right now Richwoods is working hard at getting to state. According to Cole his team hasn't lost a game since Christmas break. They are currently l8-5 and one of the best, if not the best team in Peoria.

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