Does the Big Ten Race Start Tonight?

Currently the Illini are tied for second place in the Big Ten race. With just over a couple weeks left in the regular season read here for the remaining schedules for the contenders.

Current Standings:

Iowa 9-4

Illinois 8-4

Ohio State 8-4

Wisconsin 8-4

Michigan State 7-5

Michigan 7-6

Indiana 5-7

Penn State 5-8

Minnesota 4-8

Northwestern 4-8

Purdue 3-10

What they have left:

Illinois: at Michigan, Iowa, at Minnesota, at Michigan State

Iowa: at Illinois, Penn State, Wisconsin

Ohio State: at Michigan State, Michigan, at Northwestern, Purdue

Wisconsin: at Northwestern, Minnesota, at Michigan State, at Iowa

Michigan State: Ohio State, at Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois

Michigan: Illinois, at Ohio State, Indiana

With the race being this close, the schedule may decide the 2005-06 Big Ten Champion.

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