The Anatomy of a Run

Have you ever wondered how runs start? What happens that flusters one team so much that the other team is able to quickly run off unanswered baskets and completely change the momentum of a basketball game. In this article, looks at the key one-minute thirty second stretch at the beginning of the second half that changed the face of Illinois' game against Michigan.

Dee Brown rebounded a missed, guarded three pointer from the top of the key by Danile Horton, and proceeded to run out to a one-on-two break with Rich McBride trailing the play. Anyone that has watched Illinois basketball over the last four years knows Dee converts these breaks into points ninety percent of the time. On Tuesday night was one of those times Dee did not convert, and he turned the ball over to Michigan. The Wolverines went right down the floor, and Dion Harris nailed a wide open three pointer.

On Illinois' ensuring possession, the Illini went to Augustine in the post with a lob pass, but he mishandled the pass for a turnover. The Wolverines came down the floor, and found Daniel Horton wide open on the baseline for another three pointer. A 6-0 Michigan run, which would soon turn into a 9-0 Michigan run.

Why was Horton open? A miscommunication between Brown and Randle on an apparent switch on the perimeter, a key problem in the Illini's recent defensive problems.

James Augustine quickly found Dee Brown streaking down the sideline on the inbounds pass. Brown beat every player, but Horton, down the court, and missed a lay up from the left side of the basket. The Illini offense never had a chance to set up. On Michigan's next offensive possession James Augustine did not get out to Ron Coleman quick enough and he nailed Michigan's third three point shot in a row, putting the Wolverines up 42-40.

Michigan scored nine points in just under ninety seconds. Illinois committed two turnovers, and took one ill-advised shot. If Dee Brown makes that layup, the Illini are up 42-33, and they are probably in control of the game. But he didn't, and now Michigan is up 42-40 and is feeling like they cannot miss.

Illinois responded quickly to the run after the timeout with a Dee Brown three, but then another wide open three pointer for Daniel Horton gave the Wolverines a 45-43 lead. A lead they would hold for the majority of the rest of the second half.

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